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Glade SEO & Design specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) and building lead generating websites that show up where your customers are. Small businesses are often unsure of how to reach the full potential of their online presence.

I serve these businesses by creating custom designed websites, built from scratch, according to your business requirements and branding. All of the sites I build are fully responsive, with basic SEO optimisation out of the box.

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I specialise in WordPress and will build a site that converts visitors with a great user experience. Once I have built the site, I can get your website ranking in search engines to get your business more leads, sales and conversions. 



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Ranking locally?

When you make your products and services available to customers in your local area, the number one thing that you need as a business owner is to be visible to these customers.

If people can’t find your business when they’re searching for help, they won’t be able to purchase your products or services.

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Why trust Glade SEO & Design?

"I am very impressed with the professionalism of Glade SEO and Design. Roanna was efficient, professional and very helpful in making the most of my initial website ideas. The whole process was stress free and I am extremely pleased that Glade will be managing my website for me in the future. I highly recommend this company."
"Roanna is brilliant to work with. She carefully explained the process of our SEO audit, giving us the information we needed, without all the unnecessary jargon that we didn't! Roanna has given us clear instructions on how to work with our website to get the best results. I can't recommend Glade SEO & Design enough."
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Learning Centre

Here at Glade, we champion start-ups and small businesses and are passionate about helping other small businesses grow and succeed. 

We believe helping other small businesses understand the the world of SEO, web design and digital marketing, allows them to make informed decisions on the journey to grow their online presence. 

Our learning centre is packed full of user friendly articles and information to gain insights into websites, how to design a site that converts, optimising your site for search engines (SEO), copywriting and digital marketing. 

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we are 100% paperless

We are not just about SEO & web design, our entire customer journey is 100% online. This may be good for the trees, but it is also excellent for our customers, helping us provide fast, effective communication & collaboration, improving customer service and our response times.


Our professional SEO services help websites gain more organic traffic, even if they are very highly targeted keywords. Our areas of service don’t only include Berkshire, we work with companies throughout the UK.